The Blessing in Women's Cycles

The Blessing in Women's Cycles

Do you consider the menstrual cycle to be a curse or a blessing? 

Most people today consider menstruation to be an annoyance, a pathology, a cause of discomfort, or at least an inconvenience. 

However, the menstrual cycle is a sign of women's fertile and sexual health, and all human life depends upon it and is born because of it. 

If women didn't menstruate, we would not have humanity. 

A woman's menstrual cycle effects her sexual health in every stage of her whole life.

Supporting a healthy menstrual cycle during the fertile years leads to more radiance, vitality, and energy during pregnancy, postpartum, menopause, and sex. 

Plus we can tap into the wisdom of the phases of our cycle to create greater health, energy, creativity, sensuality, and manifestation in our lives each month!

That's pretty amazing and incredible!

Do you appreciate your cycle or does it challenge you?

Women's cycles are not a curse - they are a blessing!

Through the menstrual cycle, women have the ability to reach monthly hormonal peaks that gift us with great creativity, energy, and sensuality through ovulation. 

It is because of the monthly experience of ovulation that we have the time of menstruation each month, for otherwise, a woman would not menstruate. 

Ovulation is also the time when a woman can conceive a baby and bring new life into this world - an amazing, miraculous act that is the ultimate expression of human life! 

Each month during ovulation, a woman also experiences a hormonal high that makes her feel more confidant, creative, energetic, and willing to take action for her goals and desires.

This is a powerful energetic time in a woman’s monthly cycle when she is able to harness that creative energy for taking risks, being extroverted, and has heightened senses and creativity.

During ovulation time a woman also has a higher level of attraction that draws people to her and gives her an advantage socially, both in relationships, community, and work.

The menstrual cycle is a blessing, it happens because women have the ability to ovulate, to become pregnant, to become life-givers, and to experience high levels of pleasure, nurturing, creativity, and expression. 

This is worth the sacrifice of bleeding for a few days a month, which also gives us time to store up energy if we allow ourselves the space to actually rest, so that we can ride the full waves of creative energy each month. 

Just like athletes must take days off from training to recuperate and rest, so women need time each month to rest and restore in order to experience the hormonal heights of ovulation and pregnancy. 

Our cycles are amazing!

There is so much that women can do to enhance how we experience our cycles, and support our hormones naturally, and it begins with appreciating them and honoring them, not ignoring them or masking them. 

When women's cycles are respected and wellness is enhanced, the feminine creative energy inherent within women's bodies can be truly harnessed for women to create positive changes in the world, in our lives, and for the generations to come. 

All cycles and stages of a women's sexual life are powerful and important for optimal health and wellness. 

Through natural and proven lifestyle practices women can support the wellness of our cycles through menstruation, fertility, pregnancy, and menopause to experience optimal health, energy, and longevity. 


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