Kara Maria

Holistic Women’s Wellness

Kara Maria

Kara is a women’s wellness leader, teacher, coach, speaker, and writer.

She supports natural health education, entrepreneurship, and community through online courses, mentoring, and more.

She’s the creator of many online courses in women’s health, birth, business, and leadership.

Kara has over 20 years experience in healing arts education and service-based business, from being a massage therapist, doula, health educator, coach, herbalist, and fitness teacher - to creating global online courses serving women in over 50 countries around the world in holistic health, business, and life.

Kara is a graduate of the Brenneke School of Massage extended professional licensing program with internships at Swedish Medical Center & Heritage House Nursing Home in Seattle, WA.

She is Certified in Bodywork for the Childbearing Year and a Certified Infant Craniosacral Therapy Practitioner.

Her advanced training includes pregnancy massage, energy healing, reflexology, lymphatic massage, Swedish massage, injury treatment, herbalism, aromatherapy, and more. 

She's also a graduate of the Seattle Midwifery School's birth and postpartum doula programs.

In addition, she’s a Certified Doula with the Pacific Association of Labor Support & Birth Arts International, a trained childbirth educator with the Association of Labor Assistants and Childbirth Educators, and has worked with several regional and global birth organizations for maternal and infant health. 

Kara is the creator of several online global training programs in women's healing arts education and entrepreneurship.

She is the author of the book “The Sacred Nature of Birth”, a.k.a. “How to Have an Awesome Birth", and her articles have been published in many magazines and websites including Nurture: Australia's Natural Parenting Magazine, Midwifery Today, Conscious Dancer, and Massage Australia, as well as having been translated into several languages.

Kara has presented at events, conferences, and expos on birth and women’s health including the Midwifery Today Conferences, the Association for Pre and Perinatal Psychology and Health Congress, and the NH Mama and Baby Expos.

As a passionate supporter of healthy living, when she's not writing, teaching, studying, or researching, Kara is often found traveling, hiking, hoop dancing, reading, making nourishing foods, and spending time with her husband and three sons. 


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