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Holistic Women's Wellness

Do you want to support holistic women’s health in the world today?

Would you like to enhance your personal health, help others, and be an advocate for natural health in your community and globally?

The Women's Wellness Mentor Training is an online program supporting rising community health leaders.

Join the online global course to uplift women's health, natural vitality, and daily wellness through sharing inspiration, education, and advocacy for natural health.

Learn how to confidently provide resources in natural health for all the cycles of a women’s life.

Learn about natural women’s wellness, how traditional healers have utilized natural lifestyle practices to support women’s fertility and health since ancient times, and current scientific research that validates natural health practices today.

Understand the essential natural health practices for caring for our body, mind, heart, and soul through food, herbs, water, movement, body-care, and prayer.

Learn gentle ways to support feminine wellness for the womb, breasts, cycles, and hormones.

This course covers the full spectrum of women's life passages through menstruation, fertility, pregnancy and birth, menopause, and beyond.

Get inspired with simple ways to support holistic health including nutrition, herbs, massage, movement, and more.

Connect with a global community of holistic women's wellness educators, advocates, and leaders. 

I’ve been a wellness professional in women’s health for over 20 years, and deeply believe that supporting women to thrive in all cycles of life is key to creating sustainable and generational healing in the world.

This course integrates my personal experiences, studies, and practices in natural health and education, bringing together an empowering way to support women’s self-care through massage, movement, nutrition, herbs, and a holistic perspective of women’s body-mind-spirit health.

Become a Women’s Wellness Mentor!

Do you want to enhance your personal wellness and support others to have access to education, resources, and inspiration for natural health?

Are you a wellness practitioner, coach, teacher, doula, therapist, bodyworker, entrepreneur, writer, artist, or community leader who wants to support women’s wellness in a bigger way?

Discover women’s natural health and lifestyle resources and information that you can utilize today and share with women in your community.

Learn healthy lifestyle practices to support fertility, energy, and longevity.

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Our Curriculum

Online Course with PDF Workbooks, Videos, & Certification Pathway

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  • Start right away with the welcome video

  • Orientation to the course

  • Getting started

Three women in friendship

Part 1: Women’s Healing Arts

  • Women’s wellness traditions from around the world

  • Integrative medicine and holistic lifestyle practices for women’s wellness

  • Why women’s health and wellness is important for all stages of life and longevity


Hands holding a heart stone

Part 2: Womb Wellness

  • Holistic womb health in all cycles of a women’s life

  • Natural foods and herbs for womb wellness

  • Massage and movement practices to support the reproductive system

Herbs on a platter

Part 3: Natural Breast Health

  • Natural lifestyle practices for supporting breast health

  • Ways to support the lymphatic system in the breasts for optimal circulation

  • Why breast health is vital for women’s wellness in all stages of life

Woman holding a red flower

Part 4: Menstrual Cycles

  • Natural menstruation care that is ecological and non-toxic

  • How to create balance within your cycles through nutrition and gut health

  • Ways to regulate your hormonal rhythms through natural lifestyle practices

Woman holding a book

Part 5: Fertility Awareness

  • Methods of natural pregnancy prevention and planning

  • Environmental impacts on fertility and reproductive health

  • Why fertility is a vital health indicator for longevity and sexual health

Infant baby sleeping

Part 6: Pregnancy, Birth & Postpartum

  • Natural methods for prenatal wellness, labor support, and postpartum care

  • Practices for non-pharmacological pain relief and energy support during birth

  • How to prepare for conception with nutrition and natural wellness practices

Hands on the heart

Part 7: Menopausal Grace

  • Natural health for the peri-menopausal years and beyond

  • Nutrition, herbs, and practices for supporting menopausal vitality

  • The role of the uterus and hormones in supporting longevity and whole health

Woman writing

Part 8: Skills for Women’s Wellness Mentors

  • Service-led business skills for wellness leaders today

  • Communication skills for coaching, consulting, writing, speaking, teaching, and advocacy

  • Creating and growing your community through events, publishing, websites, and social media networking


Open book

The Holistic Women's Wellness Mentorship program is a 9 part online course to become a Certified Holistic Women's Wellness Mentor and be trained to provide holistic women's health education, advocacy, and mentoring. 

All online course materials including workbooks, videos, and audio can be downloaded to your computer, tablet, iPad, or mobile phone through our online classroom. 

At the completion of the modules, there is an optional certification path.

You can complete the certification form and email it to Kara to receive a certificate and logos, and permission to use in your resume, website, and marketing materials.

About Kara Maria

Kara Maria

Kara is a women’s wellness leader, teacher, mentor, speaker, and writer with over 20 years of professional experience in the healing arts.

She supports natural health education, entrepreneurship, and community through online courses, mentoring, and more.

She’s the creator of many education programs for women’s health, birth, business, and leadership.

Kara has worked to uplift natural women’s health as a massage therapist, birth and postpartum doula, childbirth and women’s health educator, herbalist, and fitness teacher to creating global online courses and coaching women’s wellness entrepreneurs around the world.

Course Details:

The course is now open for enrollment!

Sign up today and get instant access to our private membership site.

You can complete the course at your own pace, there is no time limit to finish the certification option.

All of the curriculum is available online.

Personal email support is available for any questions while taking the course.

Contact Kara with any questions.

Become a Holistic Women’s Wellness Mentor today!

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I enjoyed the Holistic Women’s Wellness Mentorship course so much! I loved learning more in-depth explanations about topics that I’m interested in. Kara is knowledgeable, passionate, genuine & I consider her a great mentor! I appreciate all that I have learned through this course to become more informed about my body & life as an empowered woman.
— Elizabeth Rynerson
I have been taking Kara’s courses for about 4 years now! I am continually amazed at the breadth of her wisdom along with her amazing content. If you’ve never taken one of her courses though, I can assure you this woman knows her stuff! You will be amazed at her knowledge, but more so her skill of transmitting this knowledge. The best teachers are only as good as their ability to share the information they know. Kara does this with ease and honed skill. I love Kara’s mission, her passion, and her commitment to helping other women become wellness leaders in the field of women’s health. You’ll be taking a brilliant next step of advancing your own wisdom and taking this forward into the world.
— Rebecca Sarich, CNM
Kara Maria’s training is so intelligently designed, that not only does she give you some of the most valuable tools you might ever learn for healing, spiritual connection, higher sense of living, and consciousness, but also she teaches you how to go within, and find the answers that are already within you. Yet further still learning how to apply these practices in your own teachings to other women! Through Kara’s programs that I have gone through, I not only found myself now as a teacher of subjects I am extremely passionate about, but I have finally found my calling, my purpose and my vision in a major major way!  For those on the fence about taking this training, I say this: Kara’s programs are not your average online program. They are JAMpacked with awesome stuff! If you are looking for direction in your holistic business or practice, or on your entrepreneurial path in women’s healing arts - you want to take this training! Kara’s guidance and training, if you really commit to yourself to do the work in this training, will truly change your life for the better.
— Jessica Pacheco
You are doing amazing work for women, the community, and the planet. As a practitioner and teacher in the health field myself, I am not looking only for information, but for inspiration and ideas. And you are a wonderful teacher is this regard! I love how you teach from your heart, with passion and enthusiasm, by creatively sharing your experience and your story and motivating us to do the same. I love your approach of teaching through asking questions. In this way, you provide a framework, touch a lot of essential topics – and then encourage your students to dive deeper, to do their own research on topics of interest, to explore so much more in their own lives. This invites us to learn from the inside out. And our own experience enables us to teach what we have learned in an authentic way to our clients, friends, family, and community. With your way of teaching, you make a fantastic contribution to empower women all over the world to take responsibility for their own health, happiness, and well-being. So thank you Kara for creating a powerful network of women’s emissaries, and for being out there to do your wonderful work in a global community.
— Dr. Angelika Schultz
Kara Maria is a visionary in the field of holistic women’s wellness & empowerment. Her content is always fresh and her coursework blends both the didactic teaching and maieutic inquiry; teaching you information while bringing you deeper into yourself as you discover the answers within that are unique to your experiences. I love her ability to weave cutting edge science with spiritual truths. I wholeheartedly recommend working with Kara if you are ready to embrace your own feminine life path!
— Kristina Wingeier
Kara is an amazing woman and she has been a huge support in the times I needed it most. She is an abundant source of inspiration, motivation and positive energy. In her empowering programs and courses she shares such wonderful riches based on her long experience of healing and helping others. Implementing the things I learned and received from her has made a big difference in all areas of my life. She is awesome and working with her will definitely lead anyone on an amazing inner journey. I feel so grateful with Kara and everything she shares so abundantly!
— Sanda Baretic
I would just like to thank you because you and your courses inspire me so much. They are so powerful and I think all my life has changed to the better since I enrolled. It has brought me so much clarity and confidence that one can take such a pioneering visionary path in women’s healing arts and business and succeed. I had this calling for years to learn and eventually teach about the healing of the feminine. It has been so eye-opening to study with you and find other like-minded people through the community. Thank you and stay awesome!
— Sara Matteo