8 Ways to Empower Your Health with Natural Wellness Practices

8 Ways to Empower Your Health Naturally - Read more at: http://karamariaananda.com/blog/empower-health

Healing is not something that anyone or anything does to us. Our bodies heal themselves. We need to support our bodies healing process with a healing arts lifestyle to support the body's own innate impulse to create homeostasis. 

Humans have used natural remedies for healing for thousands of years. As far back as human history goes, we have record of how people have studied the healing of the body and utilized the healing benefits of plants for wellness, spirituality, ceremony, nourishment, and more.

Now it is time for us to reclaim our ancient heritage as keepers of the natural healing traditions and learn how to apply these practices to our modern life through embodying a healing arts lifestyle.

Here are 8 Ways to Empower Your Health Naturally:

  1. Eat Real Food:

    Sustain your youthfulness and vitality through a diverse, plant-based, whole-foods diet. Avoid the middle aisles of grocery stores filled with processed boxed food and instead shop the perimeter for the freshest produce, dairy, meat and bulk ingredients. Nutrition creates the foundation of a healthy lifestyle. Choose the best ingredients, grown without chemical pesticides, herbicides, or GMO's. As Hippocrates said, "Let thy food be thy medicine, and thy medicine be thy food."

  2. Move Your Body:

    Stagnation creates pain, inflammation and rigidity. Keep your body flexible and pain-free through a daily active lifestyle. It's not so much having an exercise or fitness routine that's important, as much as not being stationary through sitting or standing all day long. Walk, dance, run, leap, stretch, play, lunge, climb, hang, swing, jump, skip, waltz and explore the full dimensions of movement possible in our amazing human bodies.

  3. Get Outside:

    Being in nature, gets us more in tune with our own inner nature. There are infinite benefits to being outdoors in nature for our health and wellbeing. Soil has been shown to have microbes that have uplifting qualities and so working in the dirt through play or gardening enhances our mood. Sunlight also helps increase our Vitamin D and regulates our biorhythms. Fresh air is oxygenating to our lungs, blood and brain. Anyway you can be in fresh clean nature - it will make you feel better and more well.

  4. Go For a Walk:

    Walking is a fantastic low-impact exercise that also gets us places! Hit the trails for a does of nature, trees and dirt on your explorations. You'll save gas and get exercise. I love walking on dirt trails because it's better for the knees, feet and joints than being on pavement or sidewalks all the time. Additionally, walking or being barefoot on the Earth has a grounding effect which balances our electro-magnetic energy with the energy field of the planet and supports our overall health, from our sleep, heart health, biorhythms, immune system and more - so try walking on the Earth without shoes.

  5. Dance It Off:

    Dancing increases feel-good hormones including endorphins and serotonin and decreases stress hormones such as cortisol. I love to take dance breaks throughout the dance with my favorite music and often a hoop. Hoopdancing has been my favorite movement and dance practice for 12 years. It's a great fun way to dance, move your body, and feel good! Even just playing one song and getting up and dancing freely to it for 4 minutes a couple times a day can make a huge difference in your mood and energy.

  6. Meditate:

    People have known about the benefits of meditation for a long time, but now everyone from Oprah to Harvard Medical School is talking about it. Meditation is relaxing and has profound health benefits for a wide range of conditions including stress, insomnia, heart disease, diabetes, cancer and ADHD. All kinds of meditation are beneficial, so even if you just sit and focus on your breath for 10 minutes a day - you'll gain positive effects from the mindfulness.

  7. Surround Yourself with Plants:

    Being around plants, trees and flowers makes us feel good. Japanese scientists have studied in depth the beneficial effects of forest bathing, which is how being surrounded by trees in the forest supports our health by decreasing stress, enhancing focus, supporting calmness, and reducing inflammation. Gardening is a healthy activity that nourishes our body, mind and soul. Plants are great for our health as the major part of a healthy diet, for their diverse herbal medicine qualities and effects to support a healthy immune system, to purify our air, and to be uplifting companions in our gardens and forests.

  8. Experience Essential Oils:

    Essential oils are the aromatic compounds of plants that not only smell good - they have an abundance of beneficial qualities for supporting health, wellness, mood, energy and vitality in the body. While essential oils have been used for thousands of years developed from the ancient traditions of herbal healing, now we have a growing array of clinical evidence from scientists, universities and hospitals around the world that pure high-quality essential oils have great variety of benefits for the body, mind and emotions. Try diffusing purifying, calming and uplifting essential oils in your home like lemon, lavender and peppermint to feel the effects of essential oils yourself and keep your home healthy. My family uses essential oils in our cleaning, body care, and daily wellness practices. You can get my favorite essential oils at 25% off with a wholesale membership through my affiliate link here: doTERRA essential oils.

There are an abundance of ways to incorporate natural wellness practices into your daily life for empowered health and vitality. 

Honoring your personal health is the foundation to having the ability to make an impact in global health today. When you feel good, you have more energy to do good in the world.

Being healthy is natural!

Many blessings,