5 Tips to Start and Grow a Successful Wellness Business

5 Tips to Start and Grow a Successful Wellness Business Online

The health and wellness industry in the US and worldwide is HUGE and growing rapidly. It is called the new trillion dollar industry and people all over the world are gaining interest in nutrition, organics, fitness, alternative medicine, and all kinds of related health and wellness education, coaching, services, and products in phenomenal numbers.

People want to feel good, look good, and be active - and they are seeking out organic and natural food, fitness classes, alternative medicine, herbalism, plant medicine, and buying up books, dvd's, programs and services to help them create vitality and longevity. 

This is awesome news, because I deeply believe that if all the healers, coaches, and wellness practitioners were able to really create abundant and successful businesses, than we would be able to help so many people and thus create massive healing, transformation and change in the world! 

I believe that to create a sustainable future we need to support healers to create successful holistic businesses and projects worldwide. As conscious healers and entrepreneurs today, it is up to us to learn how to use the resources and tools that we have available to us today to make a difference - like the internet, social media and business.

These are my top recommended tips to wellness entrepreneurs for creating a full and prosperous health and wellness business today. 

5 Ways To Create A Successful Wellness Business Online

#1: Get Socially Connected

With such growth in the health and wellness fields, it’s absolutely essential for healing arts practitioners and business owners to stay up to date with current issues, trends, customer needs, and how to best serve your community. You must know how to keep up with leading edge research in your field, connect with your colleagues and community, and be holistically supporting your clients well from your website to service, if you want to make a real impact upon people's lives.

#2: Create Personal Experiences

The more you can help your clients to find the best path to wellness for them, and be able to provide them with a personalized custom experience, the better your business will be. One of the biggest demands today from consumers of health and wellness is for personalized custom services and packages that meet their needs exactly. People are increasingly aware that we are not all the same, and the same diet, workout, and lifestyle do not work the same for each person. Also, with more products, diets, and information coming out into the market, people need trusted help and guidance to navigate the increasingly complex choices of how to empower their health the best way.

#3: Put Yourself Into Your Brand

Another incredibly important factor for success in the health and wellness fields is to infuse your personal brand into all that you offer to consistently create professional services, communication, and information experiences for your clients both offline and online. Whether you are working with a client in person, on the phone, through a video call, or they are interacting with your social media channels or website - they expect a top-notch experience that seamlessly feels like YOU and your business. 

#4: Freshen Up Your Website

You may be an amazing healer but if your website hasn't been updated in years (or you don't know how to update it - or don't even have a website), and you don’t have a Facebook page or any social media presence, your clients are going to call someone else who has a professional website with clear contact info and free resources, plus social media channels with lots of social interaction and testimonials. Even if your business is all hands-on in person, like a massage therapist or chiropractor - you need an awesome website and social media presence. 

People are looking online for information about businesses before calling, visiting or spending money. Updating your website and social media pages, and interacting on it is just part of customer service in the social media age - and it is especially important for those in health and wellness businesses.

Even if you feel you are techno-phobic, I want to reassure you that it's easier than ever before to set up a professional website and social media presence - even all by yourself. You don't need to spend a lot of money or hire a team to get you online, it just takes a little effort, time and ability to communicate clearly. 

#5: Be a Conscious Content Creator

Today, it’s more important than ever to be sharing original content on your own website's blog and then bring people back to your site by sharing your free content through social media. By sharing education and inspiration through writing, videos, podcasts, photography or mixed media you can plant seeds of health and wellness and attract your ideal clients. Blogging on your own website is essential, because it brings visitors to your online space, where they can also learn more about you and get in touch. 

Then you can share your blog posts and content on multiple social media channels and pay attention to which channels are the best for attracting your clients, what are they most interested in, and put more energy into those. You don't need to keep creating new content for every channel, you can post your new content on your blog, then share it on all the social media channels regularly.

The health and wellness entrepreneurs that will thrive are going to be the ones who give the most to their communities through their content creation, social media and online channels, through generating free videos, information, resources, inspiring posts and more. Just selling all the time doesn’t cut it these days as people are becoming super-immune to marketing, but LOVE inspiration, entertainment and socializing - especially on their laptops and mobile devices!

These are key elements to growing your successful health and wellness business to help support you, your family and your community, and change the world!

Believe in the work you are doing, it's needed on the planet right now, and this is the best time ever to be in the health and wellness fields. All you need is determination, passion, and to pay attention to where your community is looking for information and how to reach them. 

Together, we will bring health, wellness & abundance to the world! 

Wishing you abundant wellness,