3 Ways to Research Keywords for Search Engine Optimization

3 Ways to Research Keywords with Google Search, Trends, and Keyword Planner Ad Sense Tools for Free #bloggertips #writertips #writinglife #amwriting #blogging

I love supporting conscious entrepreneurs to grow their online businesses and reach for people - and becoming Google savvy is a key way to achieve online success! 

Google offers several free online tools for researching keywords, which are vital to know to write blog titles, book titles, program names, and web copy that gets your information and offerings found online by the people who are looking for what are wanting share. 

I know how important this is to include smart keyword choices in your titles and descriptions, because I've seen big increases in old blog posts that I've gone and renamed to be more specific to what it's about, rather than cute or vague descriptive titles. 

I've created a short video tutorial to show you three ways to use Google to do free keyword research for increasing the SEO (search engine optimization) of the content that you're creating online. 


3 Ways to Research Keywords on Google with the Free Search, Trends, and Keyword Planner Tools #bloggingtips #onlinebusinesstips #keywordresearch #keywordplanner

You are going to learn about how to use three Google tools for researching keywords.

Get ideas for how to combine popular and niche keywords to create compelling titles and topics for blogs, books, and business. 

Discover why you want to find out what subjects are increasing in popularity, then find the subtopics in the popular search terms that have not been oversaturated with online content yet, so you can get found. 


Watch my video tutorial here: 


The 3 Google Tools I Use to Research Keywords:


I hope this helps give you some great ideas for researching niche keywords in your field and topics. 

Be sure to organically integrate a variety of specific keywords related to your topics in your blog post titles, headlines, product names, and copywriting. 

May you grow your reach and help more people to find your information, support, and offerings!

All the best,