Create Your Own Website: Why You Need Your Own Online Platform

Create Your Own Online Platform For Change

Raise your voice, speak your message, share your truth - just not on Facebook, Instagram or corporate platforms.

To all the change-makers, visionaries, activists, and leaders of the new paradigm - PLEASE CREATE YOUR OWN WEBSITES!

You need your own website, you need a blog, and a place to safely write and host your own podcast, videos and more.

THEN you absolutely can and should share the links to your posts, voice, message, and words that you share and PUBLISH on the site you OWN, through social media.

DO share your blog and site links to Facebook, Instagram and across all social media.

Just don't depend on them to keep it up or host your carefully crafted words and work you just invested all your time into.

This way you cannot be censored by Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, or anywhere else.

This way people can share your link and it will bring people back to your own site.

This way if a post on a social media site gets deleted or removed, you will not lose all your work and effort.

Do not depend on any corporate owned social media site that you use for FREE to host your change-making, truth-telling, new paradigm message.

Social media is an amazing way for us to connect, and you can repost your blogs on here to be shared as well as the link, but a homebase that you own is essential.

Social media is free corporate controlled territory. We can't control the algorithms, posts getting removed, and social reach. We may wake up tomorrow and our favorite social media site could be gone (happened with Tribe years ago).

And posting on the next new social media site instead of Facebook isn't going to protect you.

Posts can get removed from any site, just because they haven't yet or is less likely to doesn't mean they won't.

Your website is your own virtual real estate.

Honestly your website can be hacked or can come down too. So it's good to back-up all your writing in multiple places. But it's much more likely to stay up and safe on your OWN SITE, and there are ways to ensure that that is much less likely to happen.

I've been witnessing many women and POC being increasingly and righteously frustrated with FB and IG silencing your words, and turning instead to other platforms like Patreon and Medium. I have to be honest - I don't trust those platforms either because they are not YOUR OWN.

You need your own publishing platform through your own website, and there are ways to do this very inexpensively, including have private membership areas, and more. I'd like to offer my support to help you figure out how to do this.

I am really passionate about supporting visionary women leaders and changemakers to create your own online platform and share your voice, message, and offerings through your own online platform.

If anyone wants support or advice on how to do this please contact me I'd love to offer guidance, resources and encouragement.

Remember independent publishing has always been a critical part of any powerful social revolution!

We have the power to become savvy independent publishers through the internet today.

Become independent of the corporate culture and media.

Through decentralization the web of change becomes more powerful.

Take charge of your message and own your power!

This is why I am so passionate about women becoming entrepreneurs, creating websites, and having personal authority so that we are not silenced, hidden or dismissed.

So please do share your message, raise your voice, and speak your truth on your own website - THEN copy, paste and share to social media!

Many blessings, 

P.S. Another reason why to publish your words on your blog is that you will get traffic to your blog for YEARS from a post there.

For example, I get MORE traffic to my blog from Pinterest than Facebook, and I get massive traffic to blog posts from Pinterest that I published years ago - even though I only have a fraction of the followers on Pinterest that I do on Facebook.

Google and the other search engines are where I get the majority of links to my site from, plus direct links and from people sharing my content in private groups, forums, and interest sites across the web.

Posts on Facebook become irrelevant and hard to find very quickly. Posts on personal Facebook pages do not get searched through search engines.

Posts on your blog can gain traffic and visitors for YEARS.

Some of the most trafficked pages on my website are blog posts I wrote 1, 2, and 4 years ago!!! They still get traffic and thus they come up high on search engines.

Our words have more power and longer lives on our own sites.