Follow The Calling Within Your Soul

Follow the Calling Within Your Soul

You have a unique mission in this life.

There is a calling within your soul and a fire burning within your heart. 

You don't want to do things the same old predictable way.

You don't feel comfortable squeezing your creativity, intuition and life mission into a cubicle, box or traditional path. 

There are synchronistic opportunities, challenges and adventures awaiting you. 

To find your own way, first you must break free from the hypnotizing ideas and suggestions of the controlling systems of collective consciousness. 

Surround yourself with positive inspiration that inspires you to nourish your creativity and go deep within the labyrinth of your own heart. 

Take care of your gentle spirit with love and tenderness, like a child that is learning to walk and be in the world. 

You are here to forge a path that has not been navigated yet before.

Be an active player in the game of life. 

Sometimes there are ups and sometimes there are downs, but there is always a movement forward, personal growth and the gaining of wisdom. 

Don't give up. 

Winners are not lucky, they are resilient.

They practice harder than anyone, they get up despite falling down. They learn how to bounce back from the lows and jump harder to reach the highs. 

You can too. 

Follow the calling within your soul. 

Feed the fire within your heart. 

Nurture yourself with love, care and patience. 

Know that YOU are stronger than you think - and you are called on your unique life path for a reason. 

Believe in yourself. 

With love,