How to Create Online Courses with Simplero

How to Create Online Courses and Membership Sites with Simplero

When you want to create an online course, it can seem so overwhelming to sift through the options of where to host your course, and how to integrate it with your website, newsletter, shopping cart, affiliate programs, sales pages, and more.

The exciting thing I want to share with you is that it's now exponentially easier and more intuitive to launch and grow your online courses, programs, or membership sites because there is simple all-in-one, easy-to-learn program available today.

Even if you've tried to create an online course before and felt stumped by learning how to really design and share your work online, you can do it with greater ease and smoothness today. 

To help you navigate the wide variety of options today, I'm going to reveal to you what I love and use to run my online courses.


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Easy Online Courses with Simplero

My online courses are the heart of my business and allow me the joy of sharing my teachings and work with amazing people all over the world.

I started focusing on online courses almost 7 years ago and tried several different options for hosting and managing my courses.

In 2013, I was starting to feel overwhelmed with tracking all the different pieces of my online programs and needed something new.

So I spent months researching all the different options that I could use to take my courses to a new level and make it easier for me to grow my courses into a full online school. 

Then entered Simplero and it truly has simplified my creation and management of my online courses. I've now been using Simplero for 4 years and love it!

I discovered Simplero through meeting Calvin Correli the CEO and founder through an online entrepreneur community and I was really impressed with his passion for this product and Simplero's easy integrated platform.

The unique thing about Simplero is that Calvin was a life coach creating online courses and built this platform specifically to meet the needs of what creative entrepreneurs like him were facing, realizing that there really was no other all-in-one platform available that was easy to use. 

Simplero has so much included in it for people creating online courses, and it's become the heart of my business, where I host all my online courses, as well as my newsletter list, shopping cart, and even allows you to create affiliate programs, landing pages, popups, webpages, and automate email systems.

Simplero is designed to make it easy for anyone selling digital content, information products, or online courses or programs online.

If you're a coach, teacher, or entrepreneur wanting to expand your online reach and services - definitely check it out! 

You could do everything through Simplero if you wanted to. This has made it so much easier for me, rather than paying extra for newsletter services, shopping carts, and assistants to manage it all.

So much of what I was needing support for, Simplero was able to do through their platform, freeing up more of my time for doing what I love - creating content, sharing courses, and spending time with my family. 

Calvin has been so helpful as I've grown my online courses through Simplero, with outstanding customer support, even personally making videos to answer my questions and show me exactly how to do what I wanted. Now he has a whole team of amazing customer support people who are ready to help anytime. 

I'm really glad I chose Simplero for my online courses because it's grown my business tremendously and created so much more freedom in my life.  

I highly recommend Simplero if you want to create online classes, membership sites, or share digital products online, and want an all-in-one platform with great customer support. 

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