How to Get Into the Flow to Be More Productive

How to Get in the Flow to Be More Productive

Getting into the flow allows us to optimize human performance with less energy and greater success. 

Flow Is The Movement Of Water, Energy And Life

Flow states are the psychological experiences of being totally focused and present in the moment as you take action on something. 

When we are in the flow, we are riding the wave of energy, with intention and total awareness. It's much more fun than trying to paddle against the current, and exhausting ourselves while not getting where we desire quickly. 

To take action on our big dreams, and actually transform our ideas into reality, we must learn to be productive, active and pay attention to the tides of energy moving in our bodies, lives and the world, so that we can take the simple daily steps to catch the waves and surf to success.

When We Get In The Flow We Flourish

Life is all about movement. Our bodies, our minds, nature, plants, the clouds, the sun, moon and stars are all in motion, from the micro to the macro, from our DNA to the galaxies. 

Our bodies are the home of our consciousness and soul in this lifetime. It is the most direct, primal and physical way that we can tap into the energy of conscious creation. 

The first step to getting into the flow, is to pay attention to your body and how it feels. 

Small actions can make a big difference in the way we feel, think and proceed with the choices we make in each moment of our days. 

Starting with practical action steps including caring for our body, boosting our mood, decluttering our space, getting into nature, dressing for the experiences we desire, and taking small movements each day toward our goals, creates the energy of momentum - the force of motion that is within all life desiring further growth.

When we move our bodies and get into the zone, we call that being in the flow.

It's what athletes experience when they are practicing their art, totally present, relaxed and aware, and leads to higher creativity, performance and fulfillment. 

There are many ways we can get in the zone, for some people it's through creating art, painting, making pottery, for others it's running, dance or rock-climbing, and sometimes we get in the zone while taking a shower, cleaning up the house or writing in our journal. 

What are the creative outlets your enjoy that inspire you the most?

Take time for your expression of energy, for that creates the brain states and physical wellbeing for achievement, insights and higher performance in all of our lives. 

What is a flow state?

As we get into flow states, we create physiological shifts within our mind and body that support us to experience optimal performance and creativity.

Life loves movement. Getting into the flow of growth and living energy begins with simple movements in our life. 

Kara Maria Anandagoals, flow