Home Birth Supports Baby's Immune System

Rewilding Birth: Birth at Home

Birth is an intrinsically natural and primal experience of the creative expression of life. It is the basis upon which life emerges from the womb to the world. Humans have birthed instinctively for millennia in homes, dwellings, in the water, and on the land all across our Earth. It is only today, now that human culture has domesticated us that we go to a hospital, the place for injured and sick people, to give birth. We are created with the integral wisdom to birth naturally just like all living beings. 

Today we are on the cusp of a new era of human civilization in which a vast amount of humans are being born traumatized from medical intervention in birth. Women in labor are rushed to the hospital to be monitored, drugged, and intervened with aggressively. The Cesarean section rate is over 30% in the United States, and 50% in China. The surge toward surgical delivery is a huge shift in the last 40 years that may very well effect the evolution of humanity. 

Through surgical delivery, babies bypass the birth canal and the inoculation of the mother's natural healthy bacteria that colonizes the babies body during birth and creates the foundation of the baby's life-long immune system. Surgical delivery also decreases the amount of breastfeeding relationships that are initiated or successfully established, thus limiting babies access to colostrum, the first breastmilk which also is a foundation for the babies immune system. This is producing a vast proportion of humans with immune-system compromise who are more susceptible to epidemics. This is just one factor of concern in the multitude of risks to the health of women and babies through unnecessary interventions in childbirth. 

In the wild, animal mothers find a quiet private place to labor and birth. Animals are amazing teachers for they instinctively know what is the right food to eat, how to sleep, socialize, and live naturally, as well as give birth. Animals will often give birth at nighttime, when it is quiet, they are alone, and relaxed. We need to remember that we too are animals, we are wild beings, and we too need dim lights, privacy, safety, and a cozy natural environment to birth in. 

At a homebirth, a family may create a sacred space in their home for the labor and birth. It will be warm, comfortable, private, dimly lit, and the woman will have room to move freely, shower, bathe, eat, walk around, and even be outside, in the sun, under the stars, or walking in the yard. In many hospitals, you can't even open a window, you are under bright florescent lights, hearing strange sounds, and people you've never met walk in and out of the room, while you are restricted from eating or drinking and are confined to the bed, tubes, and monitors. It is the elements of privacy, comfort, and freedom that are integral to instinctive birth. 

When babies are born naturally at home, they are inoculated by their mother through the birth process and the first food of colostrum to be naturally immune to what the mother is immune to. The mother's naturally defense system is built to be prepared for what is in her natural environment, such as her home. Hospitals are places where sick people go and is a foreign environment to the mother. The mother and baby are exposed to strangers coming in and out of their room, as well as the doctors and nurses going from room to room of other patients. Therefore, from an immunological perspective, the baby is safest born naturally at home, where they immediately receive the mother's immunity to the environment as well as the benefits of immune-boosting vaginal birth and colostrum which is Nature's Best Food. 

Mothers need to tap into their wild nature and find a private sacred space to birth for the integrity of their family and baby's health. It is imperative that we re-wild ourselves to strengthen our bodies, spirits, health, and the health of our children. Natural birth is a gift to a child for a life-long healthy body, immune system, and soul - as well as being a profound rite of passage and ecstatic experience for mother and father.