How Empowering Women’s Health Will Change the World

How Empowering Women's Health Will Change the World #womenshealth #womenswellness #womensempowerment

Imagine a world in which all women were healthy...

What if females didn't feel shame, guilt, or fear about being a girl or a woman?

What if women had complete freedom to express their sexuality as they desire with complete control of their fertility without pharmaceuticals or surgery?

What if women all had the knowledge, choices, and confidence to stay healthy and care for their wombs, breasts, cycles, and hormones with joy, love and respect?

What if all women were able to reach orgasmic states of pleasure that were encompassing their body, mind, heart, and spirit with pure ecstatic bliss?

And what if women were all able to channel that ecstatic bliss energy into conscious, confident, and optimal wellbeing in every aspect of their life, relationships, and work?

Awaken and empower your full sexual energy, transform your life, and change the world. 

Do you want to support women today to stop the cycle of wasting so much energy on physical, emotional, and mental challenges relating to navigating being in a female body?

Would you like to empower women's wellness through teaching, coaching, and sharing holistic sensual self-care education on natural choices to bring balance, happiness and pleasure back into more women's lives?

Are you ready to channel your vibrant radiant sensual health and energy into bettering your relationships, health, and work in the world?

Do you crave a deep sense of purpose, path and power in your life, and the support to help you confidently manifest your dreams with flow and ease?

Would you like to free up your sexual energy to create a life filled with ecstasy, bliss, love, joy, pleasure and confidence?

Sexual energy is the energy of health.

Healthy people have the energy, vitality and enthusiasm to make changes and create the momentum for transformation. 

If we want to succeed at bringing wellness, peace, prosperity, and healing to all people and nature around us, we need to support ourselves and our communities to become enlivened, strong, resilient, and empowered with natural health wisdom and knowledge.  

Women today have so many choices and struggles throughout our lives with balancing our health and wellbeing, through the many transformational stages of our sexual lives. 

How much time have you spent in your life feeling depleted from hormonal imbalances and changes, including premenstrual issues?

How often have you worried about your fertility, whether you are wanting to avoid pregnancy, trying to conceive, or dealing with fertility and pregnancy issues?

So many women struggle today with health issues related to chemical and surgical intervention in our natural cycles, as well as increased pollution and toxicity of our environments, food, water, and air. 

In the US, c-sections are the #1 most common surgery performed on women.

Hysterectomy is the 2nd most common surgery.

By age 60 more than 1/3 of US women have had their uterus surgically removed. 

More than 2/3 of teenage girls are on hormonal birth control pills, made by the same companies that are making herbicides and toxic chemicals that are destroying our environments, contaminating our food, water and air, and causing breast cancer, infertility, and hormonal problems. 

The uterus is the center of a women's body, the prime organ that creates life and represents the feminine sexual power of creation, and it's the most controlled and colonized organ in the human body. 

Imagine if more women knew how to naturally support their cycles to reduce uncomfortable symptoms, balance their hormones naturally, feel confident in preventing or planning pregnancy without corporate takeover of our wombs.

Envision women fully able to feel sensual and confident in their bodies, reach full heights of orgasmic pleasure and naturally vivacious libidos, and able to share that solely with whom they choose in safe and consensual relationships. 

See those women feeling comfortable being a woman in the world, speaking their truths, and rising up with that energy to create movements, business, and projects to bring more energy for health, happiness, and conscious relationships into our lives and world. 

As more people connect with natural ways to support our naturally healthy bodies, then more individuals and communities will work together to protect the sacred land, plants, water, air, and earth that we are so intimately connected to and dependent upon for the water we drink each day, and the food that nourishes and sustains us. 

Empowering women's health and natural wellness is the key to creating a wave of women earth healers around the world who will work to advocate and protect our natural resources - the gifts of nature that provide for our wellbeing. 

We can do this because more women today are dissatisfied with the status quo and are reclaiming natural ways to find solutions that don't depend upon corporations, institutions, and governments - and their political intentions. 

Natural wellness is booming worldwide, with the US leading the way, and women are leading the way in supporting alternative medicine, healthy foods and nutrition, and mind-body-spirit wellness. 

Women also make 80% of the health care decisions today for their family, which is extremely influential in a $3.7 trillion global wellness market. 

Empowering more women today with natural health and holistic sexual education and resources is essential for creating ripples of transformation through the world on every level.

Women are influential, and when we channel our energy in empowered ways, we not only change our own lives, we change the lives of others.