Essential Oils for Beginners

Essential Oils for Beginners

Are you fed up with all the synthetic chemicals, GMO's, and pharmaceuticals being pumped into our environment, communities, families and bodies through toxic household goods, body care products, food, water and the culture of industrialized living?

Today, people are growing in desire for natural alternatives to synthetic chemicals in their day to day lives.

Essential oils are booming in popularity due to the demand for plant based products that can help support our well-being, and mood.

Plus they have hundreds of uses in the home and personal wellness.

From eco skin care to household cleaning, essential oils are a pure and powerful plant-based system for natural empowered living.

The aromatherapy and therapeutic benefits of essential oils are spreading across the world, causing the interest, use, availability, and research in these powerful plant oils to have grown rapidly in recent years, creating a wellness revolution.  

What Are Essential Oils?

Essential oils are the pure potent natural aromatic essence of plants.

They have a wide spectrum of uses in our daily lives for wellbeing, first aid, family wellness, body care, skin care, home cleaning, diffusing, emergency preparedness, air freshening, increased vitality and more. 

Essential oils are usually steam-distilled at specific temperatures and pressure to create the highest quality of oils using just pure water.

Some essential oils are cold pressed, such as citrus essential oils including bergamot, lemon, and orange. 

These precious oils consist of the pure aromatic compounds of plants that not only smell good - they have an abundance of beneficial qualities for supporting health, wellness, mood, energy and vitality in the body. 

You can also easily integrate essential oils into the wellness practices you already use, without having to give anything up - just add in more pure, natural, plant power to supercharge your health! 

You'll probably then find that essential oils work even better than your conventional products and discover more ways to add them into your life. 

Essential oils can empower us to give up any dependency on synthetic chemical products and make it easy to detox your medicine cabinet, cleaning closet, and will become the first thing you reach for in many situations. 

Ancient Aromatics

Essential oils have been prized for their therapeutic, rejuvenative and aromatic powers for millennia. 

The potent gifts of aromatic plants were celebrated since the time of Ancient Egypt, India and China, and used extensively through Greece, Rome, Europe, and now around the world today. 

Aromatic plant oils have been used for healing, cleansing, aromatherapy, cosmetics and more for thousands of years.

From the queens and pharaohs of Ancient Egypt, to hundreds of essential oil references in the Bible, the aromatic oils have ancient origins.

Now we also have a growing array of clinical evidence from scientists, universities and hospitals around the world that pure high-quality essential oils have great variety of benefits for the body, mind and emotions.

The ancient tradition of using aromatic oils for wellbeing is now being validated by the abundant scientific research being created today demonstrating their unique and unreplicable therapeutic properties.

How To Use Essential Oils

Essential oils are very concentrated, thus you only need a drop or two, and are very safe when used appropriately.

This makes them incredibly practical for having it on hand for first aid or emergency situations, or for travel or on the go.

They also stay potent and strong for years. So having them on hand is vital for preparedness. 

There are so many uses for essential oils, that it feels like your always looking to your oil kit when you get familiar with the many diverse benefits of these pure plant extracts from such diverse plants, barks, roots, stems, flowers, berryies, leaves and trees. 

However, as the essential oil industry has grown alongside the synthetic fragrance industry, it’s important to be a savvy and aware consumer because much of the essential oils on the market today are diluted with carrier oil and synthetic fragrances, that decrease the therapeutic potency and may be neurotoxins or carcinogens. 

It’s vital to verify the source of your oils and know that they've been tested and certified by a reliable, independent and qualified laboratory to be pure and therapeutically potent - not just fragrant. 

My favorite brand of essential oils is REVIVE, they are all organic and wildcrafted and third-party tested by Dr. Pappas at Essential Oil University.

They are thoroughly tested to ensure there are no GMO's, pesticides, heavy metals, molds, toxins, synthetics in the oils, and to confirm therapeutic potency and purity of the oils, and all tests are available online to review at REVIVE.

This is very important to me, as I want to know that the essential oils I use, and I share with my children, are safe, pure, therapeutic and effective. 

Essential oils offer incredible benefits for physical health and wellbeing, emotional balancing, mental clarity and calm, and spiritual upliftment. 

You can be prepared for optimal living with essential oils!

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