7 Natural Ways to Support Breast Health

7 Natural Ways to Support Breast Health

There are powerful and natural ways to support breast health with easy and fun practices that can be integrated into any woman's lifestyle to maintain and enhance vitality and wellbeing.

Epigenetics is the field of science in genetics that studies how factors in our environment, lifestyle and beliefs create changes in our DNA, showing that gene variation is due to outside influences not just our DNA programming. 

We can harness the power of epigenetics to create vitality through choosing healthy lifestyle habits including eating organic foods, exercising regularly, getting ample sleep, supporting our bodies natural detoxification system and creating a positive mindset

Breast health is important for all women - and men, for everyone who has a woman in their life who they love and care about. 

Our breasts are amazing, they are not ticking time-bombs needing to be surgically removed or radiated. They are beautiful organs that have the power to nourish baby humans. Our breasts have enabled the survival and supported the evolution of humanity for over 200,000 years

They are also sensual organs, able to increase our pleasure. Through skin-to-skin contact with our breasts we protect our babies or embrace our lovers. The sensitive nature of our breast skin allows us to feel closer, to bond deeper and fall in love with those who we embrace. 

I want all women and girls to have the resources and education available to them to know how to support and enhance breast health naturally, in all stages of life, and to be supported with awareness of how to prevent disease, rather than being fed fear and shame. 

You can be proactive and take your breast health into your own hands! 

7 Natural Ways to Support Breast Health

Sunlight exposure on bare skin is one of the natural ways you can support your breast health.

#1: Sunlight

Sunlight on our bare skin is important for breast health, because our bodies produce Vitamin D with exposure to the sun's rays.

Vitamin D supports the cells in our body as a neuro-regulator, and has an epigenetic effect upon the genes in our body to create balance.

Studies have shown that Vitamin D deficiency is linked to breast health challenges, and the safest and easiest way to increase Vitamin D levels is through sunlight exposure on naked skin for 15 - 30 minutes a day.

Sunlight exposure has been known to have health benefits since the times of Ancient Greece, when heliotherapy was a practiced form of sunlight therapy.

It's many benefits include supporting the immune system, lowering cholesterol and increasing positive emotions. 

Organic breast health

#2: Organic Food

Changing from a conventional to organic food diet creates an immediate reduction in the amount of pesticides and petrochemicals in our blood and bodies. Studies have found that within just a few days of switching, the level of synthetic chemicals in the body is dramatically diminished.

Petrochemicals and toxins in our bodies can build up in our fatty tissues, causing chronic issues later on down the road.

Breasts are mostly fat, so toxins from our modern diet and lifestyle are accumulating in women's breasts at a dramatic rate, including dioxins, jet fuels, pesticides and flame retardants.

Eating organic foods eliminates a vast quantity of toxins from our diet, as well as protects our environment, supports our bodies nourishment and health for better detoxification, and eliminates GMO's from our diet as well. 

10 Natural Ways to Support Breast Health

#3: Massage

Our bodies have amazing abilities to nourish, maintain and detoxify our whole being if our cardiovascular and lymphatic circulation systems are flowing optimally.

Massage is a wonderful ancient healing practice that supports our blood and lymphatic flow, bringing vitality to all our cells.

Breasts also need massage, and you can give yourself a self breast massage every day to enhance the circulation of your breasts.

Tight clothing and bra straps reduce lymphatic circulation in the breasts and can cause congestion. If you wear a bra, massaging your breasts after you take it off at the end of the day is a wonderful way to release any stagnation that it built up.

Breast massage can also stimulate the release of positive hormones including endorphins and oxytocin, uplifting the mood and promoting positive wellbeing. 

10 Natural Ways to Support Breast Health

#4: Exercise

Movement is essential for life. To create optimal vitality we need to exercise everyday. 

Breasts are designed to move in all directions, bouncing naturally side to side, up and down. 

The movements created by the body during exercise from arm and chest movements and increased breathing, are necessary to enhance the circulation of the breasts.

The breasts need movement to stimulate the lymphatic circulation to detoxify the tissues and keep the immune system strong. 

Natural movements that use full range of motion of the arms and chest are especially beneficial for breast health, such as dancing, swimming and yoga. Rebounding on a mini-trampoline is also beneficial to increase lymphatic circulation and energize the whole body, start gently at first. 

Exercise also enhances oxygenation of the body, increasing energy, promoting deeper rest, and improving mood and health in a myriad of ways.

10 Natural Ways to Support Breast Health

#5: Meditation

Meditation is a powerful practice that calms and centers the mind.

Stress is the number one cause of all disease, and creating healthy habits that cultivate deep relaxation and inner peace is the best thing we can do to reduce stress and support our health. 

The breasts are connected with the energy of nurturing, love and bonding in a women's life. Feelings of abandonment, grief, fear, loss or emotional hurt can manifest in our lives physically through our bodies, sometimes expressed as breast pain or hardness. 

Our thoughts and feelings are powerful influencers upon our lives. We can honor, process, release and transform negative beliefs through integrative body-mind-spirit practices such as meditation.

Meditation is a way to relax your mind, and allow peace to flow through your whole being, letting go of old outdated thoughts that no longer serve your highest wellbeing, with a conscious awareness of the present and the focus to be one in mind, body and spirit going forward. 

10 Natural Ways to Support Breast Health

#6: Sweat

Sweating detoxifies the body of all kinds of toxins, as well cleansing the skin of impurities and supporting circulation.

When you sweat from exercise your also increasing endorphins and positive hormones that help you feel good and increase your mood.

Sweating supports the immune system, because as well as opening up all the pores and flushing them out, it contains antibacterial peptides which purify and protect the skin and body against viruses, bacteria and fungi. 

You can get a great sweat through exercise as well as saunas. 

10 Natural Ways to Support Breast Health

#7: Inversions

Our lymphatic circulation is an integral part of the complex workings of our immune system as a whole. The top 3 ways to stimulate the lymphatic circulation is through massage, exercise and inversions.

Some women are afraid of the effects of gravity over time on their breasts. Well now you can use anti-gravity to your advantage! 

Our lymphatic system drains out near the base of the neck and does not have arteries like the blood circulation, so it's essential to have movement in the body that supports the lymph in the legs, arms and chest to circulate toward the neck, either through manual movements like massage, physical movements like exercise or physically getting upside-down through inversions.

Inverting the body allows the blood and lymph to flow toward your head, supporting lymphatic drainage. 

There are several major lymph nodes on either side of the body under the armpits next to the breasts, as well as lymph ducts throughout the breasts. Inversions help to increase all the lymphatic circulation through the breast tissues and body supporting the natural detoxification of the whole body. 

I love my yoga swing for inversions, as you can relax and lengthen the spine while hanging upside-down, and it doesn't take any hand strength or balance. Start with 1 minute, then 2, and work your way up. Look and see if there's an aerial yoga or anti-gravity yoga class in your area. 

You can also do handstands or headstands with a partner or wall to back you, do leg inversions on a wall, and chest inversions off the side of your bed, or use an inversion table. 

Supporting your lymphatic health is a key step to supporting your healthy breasts!

These natural ways to support breast health are fun, support your whole body health, help you to feel good, look good, have fun and get a new perspective on life! 

What are your favorite ways to support your breast health naturally? Let me know in the comments below. Thanks! 

To your awesome health,