Adventures in Women’s Wellness: 7 Things To know About Holistic Health

Adventures in Women's Wellness

I’m fascinated with how we can feel better and empower our lives, communities, and the world, particularly through holistic health and women’s wellness.

Since I was young, I’ve had a life-long passion for holistic living that has led me on many adventures of healing, learning, discovering, and researching.

Over the past twenty years, I’ve worked professionally in the healing arts as a practitioner, teacher, writer, speaker, and mentor in holistic health, women’s wellness, and entrepreneurship.

My path includes working as a massage therapist, craniosacral therapist, birth doula, postpartum doula, childbirth educator, women’s health teacher, doula and massage trainer, online course creator, and holistic business coach, plus hoopdancer and chai brewer!

I’ve been called to the path of supporting women through pregnancy, birth, and all the cycles of life.

I’ve also studied and practiced a multiple of bodywork modalities, the plant-powered ways of herbalism and whole food nutrition, and a variety of movement arts, as well as ancient healing practices and modern scientific research.

Along the way I’ve become a mother of three sons, presently a toddler, a homeschooler, and a college student.

This has deeply imprinted me with the vital importance of uplifting the wellbeing of our children from pregnancy through young adulthood.

It’s also essential for us to proactively support our whole health through life so that we can feel our best, have the energy to do all that we desire, and can care for ourselves optimally, as well as our loved ones.

Wellness is the state of feeling good in body, mind, and spirit.

Wellness is often achieved through conscious intention and actions that support the goal of good health.

Good health is our natural state as humans.

We have incredible bodies that are intrinsically designed to desire to achieve homeostasis, the state of being in balance.

Yet, good health is also dependent upon and directly related to our lifestyle and daily actions through nutrition, fitness, environment, relationships, family, home, work, sleep, and self-care practices.

When people feel good, they are happier, have better relationships, enjoy more time with their children, are more productive at work, and can be of service to uplifting the world today.

7 Things to Know About Holistic Health

7 Things to Know About Holistic Health

1. Wellness is Vital

Wellness is essential for optimal performance in life.

This creates positive effects that ripple throughout families, communities, and the world.

Daily choices in nutrition, exercise, lifestyle, sleep, and environment can make a huge difference in keeping you feeling your best and helping your body to create balance.

2. Learn How To Manage Stress

Stress is one of the top causes of illness and disease today.

Over 60% of doctor’s visits in the US today are for stress related symptoms and conditions.

Know how to calm your nervous system in times of high stress with practices such meditation, yoga, going to the gym, taking a nature walk, journaling, taking a bath, or your favorite heart-centering and relaxing practice.

3. Create a Positive Lifestyle

Making positive lifestyle changes enhances natural wellness.

Empowered self-care includes having access to and support for healthy choices in nutrition, exercise, meditation, bodywork, natural medicine, good sleep, and more.

Through education, awareness, and community we can create a healthier future for ourselves, our families, and our planet.

4. Women’s Health Education is Vital

Did you know that women make 80% of all health care decisions for their entire households?

Women’s health improves wellness for the whole family and the generations to come.

Women also experience more health care needs annually because of reproductive care related issues, and higher rates of stress-related issues.

There is a great need for more holistic, integrative, comprehensive, and customized care and education for informed choice and preventative medicine in all women’s cycles and stages of life.

If more women were to become aware and informed about all the options and choices available and needed in natural health, than it would transform the entire healthcare industry.

5. Conscious Consumers are Creating Transformation

Did you know that women are the primary shoppers for their household 75% of the time?

As more women, men, and younger people today are demanding sustainable, healthy, and safe choices in foods, health care, and wellness products it is creating transformation across the world.

When women are healthy, then relationships, families, communities, and the world thrives.

6. Wellness is Growing Globally

The global wellness economy is now a $4.2 trillion market.

The demand for wellness products and services is booming, including personal care, supplements, eco beauty care, organic foods, wellness travel, classes, practitioners, alternative and complementary medicine, and more.

This is creating a global push for higher standards in sourcing, sustainability, purity, accessibility, and customization of health care.

7. Women’s Health Creates Sustainable Wellness for All

Holistic women’s wellness creates vitality, prosperity, and transformation for all.

Studies haves shown that supporting women’s health globally creates positive impact not only immediately in the women’s life, as well as the lives of her family and children, but the positive impact is seen upon the future generations as well.

Focusing on providing community support, women’s health education, consumer awareness, and business training is key for empowering women in all levels of wellness, and supporting a thriving humanity.

Women’s Wellness Journey

I deeply believe that when women’s wellness is supported through all cycles of life, it creates profound ripples throughout the life of the women, her relationships, family, community, and the world.

I’m passionate about uplifting natural health through through holistic programs, courses, coaching, and positive media.

Find out more about how to support holistic women’s wellness in my new course here.

Women's Wellness Creates Vitality, Prosperity, and Transformation