Jumpstart Your Wellness Business

Learn the Simple Steps to online Success

Jumpstart Your Online Business

Are you a health pro or wellness entrepreneur wanting to share your services, skills, and support with more people by growing your business online?

You can reach more people and make a difference in the world today by uplifting health and wellness through growing an effective website and online strategy.

Save hours of your time from endless research and frustrating struggle by discovering how to set up your business online in the best way for you.

Find out how to grow your business online with ease so you can focus on doing what you love the most - helping your clients to get healthy!

Understand the simplest way to build your online platform, website, email list, digital products, custom services, and more.

Learn how to create a solid online foundation for success in your service-based wellness business and reach more people with your wisdom, skill, and offerings.

Grow your business for financial sustainability and to support your community to thrive ongoing.

Create more freedom by expanding your business to serve people all over the world with digital products and location-independent services!

Connect with more people in your local area with an enticing website and easy ways to contact you.

Plus, you can run your online business from your laptop anywhere you go and make money while you travel!

The Steps to Healthy success

Jumpstart Your Website

1: Jumpstart Your Website

  • Why it’s absolutely essential that you have your own website - and update it regularly.

  • Find out the what you need to have on your website - and what you don’t.

  • The top tips to designing your own website quickly like a pro, even if you’ve never made a website before.

  • How to increase your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and attract more visitors.

  • What you need to do to keep people on your site and turn them into customers.

Jumpstart Your Email List

2. Jumpstart Your Email List

  • The vital importance of growing your email list.

  • What the best kind of email opt-ins are and how to grow your list.

  • How to write compelling email newsletters - from headlines to special offers.

  • How to come up with ideas about what to write when you don’t know what to say.

  • How often to send emails and the best times to publish an update.

Jumpstart Your Social Media

3. Jumpstart Your Social Media

  • Understand the best ways to utilize social media to draw more visitors to your website.

  • What the most effective social media sites are in 2019 for wellness businesses.

  • What to post on each of the top social media sites and when.

  • How to design your own graphics for social media posts.

  • Creative ways to use social media for networking - beyond likes and shares.

Jumpstart Your Business

4. Jumpstart Your Business

  • How to start making money online through your website.

  • Creating and selling digital products including e-books and information products (audio and video).

  • Essential tips for creating online courses or coaching programs.

  • The best scheduling and communication systems for online coaching and consulting services.

  • How to then promote your online products, programs, and services through your website, email list, social media, and more.

Kara Maria

About Kara Maria

Kara is a holistic wellness teacher, mentor, speaker, and writer with over 20 years of professional experience in the healing arts. She specializes in women’s health, cycles, and birth, as well as supporting wellness entrepreneurs to thrive.

Kara has worked in the natural health field as a massage therapist, birth and postpartum doula, childbirth and women’s health educator, herbalist, fitness teacher, educator, and business coach. She now creates global online courses and mentors wellness entrepreneurs around the world.

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Working with Kara is my best business decision to date. Kara is helping me move my healing practice out into the world. Kara is a wealth of knowledge and wisdom AND she is fun and very personable!
— Paula Youmell, RN
WOW! Kara is a POWERHOUSE of resources, insights, and inspiration! Thanks to Kara, I became equipped to take my already successful business and fulfillment of my life’s purpose to the next level. A naturally clear and energetic communicator, Kara filled me with insights and information that will support my business for years to come.
— Annie Botticelli
I have been taking Kara’s courses for about 4 years now! I am continually amazed at the breadth of her wisdom along with her amazing content. If you’ve never taken one of her courses though, I can assure you this woman knows her stuff! You will be amazed at her knowledge, but more so her skill of transmitting this knowledge. The best teachers are only as good as their ability to share the information they know. Kara does this with ease and honed skill. I love Kara’s mission, her passion, and her commitment to helping other women become wellness leaders in the field of women’s health. You’ll be taking a brilliant next step of advancing your own wisdom and taking this forward into the world.
— Rebecca Sarich, CNM
I spent years accumulating multiple certifications and training, yet I didn’t feel confident that I was ready to be an expert in my field and really grow my business. Kara’s continued support enabled me to achieve more than I thought possible. I am so grateful for having Kara’s years of wisdom and experience as a contribution to building my conscious business and improving the lives of women all around the world.
— Emily Evans Russell
Kara’s programs are not your average online program. They are jampacked with awesome stuff! If you are looking for direction in your holistic business or practice, or on your entrepreneurial path in the healing arts - you want to take this training! Kara’s guidance and training, if you really commit to yourself to do the work in this training, will truly change your life for the better.
— Jessica Pacheco
Jumpstart Your Wellness Business