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Kara Maria

The support of patrons helps provide more scholarships to holistic wellness education and business training for people who serve communities in need.

Scholarships support more holistic wellness ambassadors to provide community support for family health in countries all over the world.

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  • Increasing our scholarship program

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  • Creating written transcriptions of all courses

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  • Increasing accessibility of our educational materials for people of all sighted and hearing abilities

  • Foreign language translation of resources and courses

  • Creating more educational resources that celebrate holistic living and wellness

Our scholarship program has provided online education, mentoring, and entrepreneurship training to holistic wellness practitioners, leaders, and advocates in diverse communities in over 30 countries around the world.

Thank you for supporting holistic wellness leadership scholarships, accessibility, and education!

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Wow! Kara is a powerhouse of resources, insights, and inspiration!
— Annie Botticelli
Kara Maria Ananda is a visionary in the field of holistic women’s wellness & empowerment.
— Kristina Wingeier
I love Kara’s mission, her passion, and her commitment to helping other women become wellness leaders in the field of women’s health.
— Rebecca Sarich, CNM
Kara is a gift and a blessing to all she comes in connection with and her vibrancy emanates out in positive, loving, life-changing ways.
— Catherine Stalpes
I am so grateful for having Kara’s years of wisdom and experience as a contribution to building my conscious business and improving the lives of women all around the world.
— Emily Evans Russell
You are doing amazing work for women, the community, and the planet. Thank you, Kara, for creating a powerful network of women’s emissaries, and for being out there to do your wonderful work in a global community.
— Dr. Angelika Schultz
Kara is an amazing woman and she has been a huge support in the times I needed it most. She is an abundant source of inspiration, motivation and positive energy. In her empowering programs and courses, she shares such wonderful riches based on her long experience of healing and helping others. Implementing the things I learned and received from her has made a big difference in all areas of my life. She is awesome and I feel so grateful!
— Sanda Baratic

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