Course Creation For HOlistic Entrepreneurs

Of Course Academy - Learn how to create an online course business and craft your signature program.

Are you a holistic entrepreneur, wellness professional, or life coach wanting to create your own online course?

  • Are you healer, artist, coach, blogger, teacher, thought-leader, or small business owner desiring to share your skills through a unique signature program?

  • Do you want to share your message with people all over the world?

  • Would you love a proven system to design, create, and launch an online course with ease and clarity?

You need an elegant online signature program to stand out, polish your teachings, position yourself as an expert in your field, increase your income, and create sustainable passive income streams. 

Your signature program is the fastest way to scale your business, free your time, and open new opportunities to share, teach, and promote your message, reaching global audiences. 

Once you've created your online digital product that shares your experience and knowledge and synthesizes your unique system of wisdom, then you can sell it over and over again, creating ongoing income. 

With a signature program you can grow your business exponentially by adding new methods of sharing your program, from a one-on-one practice, to an online course, group coaching program, coaching intensive, e-book, keynote speaking presentations, retreats, workshops, online membership clubs and more. 

You can create bigger impact and more freedom through your own signature online course business. 

Of Course You Can

Kara Maria Ananda Online Course Creation Training

Hi! I’m Kara, and when I created my first online course ten years ago, and it opened up a whole new world of abundant experiences in my business, life, freedom, travel, and impact.

As I launched numerous courses over the years, I’ve learned how to plan, create, launch, and re-launch courses with ease and flow, plus how to turn already created courses into multiple income streams.

My online course business has really grown over the past 7 years.

Today, I have a global online school with over a dozen online courses for women’s wellness advocates, leaders, and professionals.

I’ve been able to create a thriving business, primarily through online courses, that has given my family the freedom for us to travel and live in beautiful places from the Pacific Northwest to Sedona and New England, and to stay home with my kids and homeschool.

And I had two new babies (plus a teenager) while creating an abundant online course business over the past 7 years.

If I can run an online course business, while traveling and raising a teenager, a homeschooler, and a toddler - you can do this too!

In addition, I have 20 years professional experience in healing arts education and business, and extensive prior practice at teaching workshops, retreats, private classes, professional training programs, and at schools, that I brought to the development of my own signature online courses.

I have utilized my 20 years of wellness education experience and 10 years of online course creation experience to bring you the Of Course Academy today - a brand new program that synthesizes my online course creation process and guides you through the exact steps I take to develop, launch, and teach my online courses.

Essentially, I am walking you through how to replicate my exact business model that’s taken me 20+ years to develop!

Only, I’m going to share with you my unique strategy to help save you years of time and research, to learn how to do this so much faster.

Whether you are a beginner to online business and just starting out, or already have an active online business foundation that you are ready to grow - I’ve got tips and strategies to take your business to the next level.

Anyone can teach an online course, if you can show someone how to do something, then you can take it online.

Whether it’s Herbal Potion Making, Yoga Classes, Massage Therapy, Intuitive Painting, Bodyweight Training, or Cooking Healthy Food for Your Dog - you can turn your skill set into a unique signature program and create a global online course.

I’m excited to show you how to create your first online course with style!


What is a signature program?

A signature program is a custom created professional offering that expresses and summarizes your individual body of knowledge, experience, and perspective on your field of expertise.

Having a signature program allows you to stand out in your field as a thought-leader, innovator, teacher, and visionary.  

Once you have your signature program you can share it as an online course or program and be able to reach and serve people around the world, creating a global learning community of your own. 

In essence, you create a program that has your signature on it, that expresses your unique style, voice, stories, and experience, and helps people to transform their life in a meaningful way. 


Why create an online course?

Sharing your signature program through the Internet as an online course creates a global learning experience for your clients and customers, and opens yourself to new opportunities for your business and message to expand. 

Creating an online course with your signature program is the fastest way to become recognized as an expert in your field.

It's a valuable way to share your experience and teach your modality and empower others around the world. 

An online course opens the door to other opportunities as well, including publishing, media, publicity, speaking, events, and complementary digital products. 

Working with Kara is my best business decision to date. Kara is helping me move my healing practice out into to the world. She is a wealth of knowledge and wisdom AND she is fun and very personable!
— Paula Youmell, RN, Wise Woman Nurse, Natural Health Educator, and Author,

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Create Your Own Signature Program and Launch Your Legacy Online

Of Course Academy

You Can Learn the 6 Steps to Creating a Signature Online Course

Learn the steps to creating your signature program and launching it as an online course with style.

I will guide you through the 6 steps in my unique strategy to creating an online course, that I’ve developed through the making of over a dozen successful online courses in the past decade (and a few that were not so successful - so I’ve learned what works and what doesn’t).

The Of Course Strategy:

  1. Style

  2. Story

  3. Structure

  4. Sales

  5. Service

  6. Sustainability

In this online academy you will discover a practical pathway to creating a unique and successful online course and signature program with heart, soul, and strategy through the 6 Steps to Creating a Signature Online Course.

You will receive video training lessons with each part available online in our private online site, plus email access to Kara during the 6 weeks of the course to ask questions and get personal support.

Get ongoing access to the online academy content to go through and refer back to for as long as you want. 


Signature Style

1: Style

  • Discover how to to create an enticing and unique signature program that attracts your ideal clients and expresses your personal style and expertise.

  • Learn what kind of online courses are most in demand today, and how to research your field to find out what will stand out and how to differentiate your signature program.

  • Decide what kind of signature program your heart and soul are calling to share with the world, that will make the biggest transformational change in the lives of your clients, that only you can create.

  • Get clarity on what format of signature program is best for you to start with or create next.

  • Find out how to brand your program so that it brings in the right customers for you with a clear name.

Signature Story

2: Story

  • Discover teaching tips on how to infuse your personal story and experience into your signature program to create a one-of-a-kind experience for your clientele. 

  • Find a balance between sharing your vulnerability and wisdom that complements your unique message and honors your privacy and personal life. 

  • Get clear on how your personal experiences and skills give you a signature insight into your system or program.

  • Express the deep reason in why are you so passionate and on purpose with creating this program, so that you can attract those who are most motivated and ready for your signature style services. 

  • Learn why sharing your story is essential as a catalyst for transformational leadership. 

Signature Structure

3: Structure

  • Become confident in how are you going to structure your signature program.

  • Learn what systems to use to you teach or facilitate your signature style program as an online course, membership club, group coaching program, and more.

  • Create an actionable strategy on how will you deliver your content, lessons and support online and/or one-on-one.

  • Figure out the best way for you to create flow and organization while delivering your content in an effective way for supporting transformation.

  • Learn online course teaching tips and best practices for creating video, audio, PDF, and live content for your modules and lessons - from sound, to lighting, planning, software, and presenting.

  • Discover the signature course strategy to outlining your course, and knowing what content to include to boost your sales.


Signature Sales

4: Sales

  • Learn my Signature Online Course sales page strategy, and know exactly what you need to have on your course sales page.

  • Find out how to create a email campaign for your course launch and what to write and when.

  • Embody a conscious approach to marketing and promotion, that shares from the soul, so that you can do the work you love, reach the people that are ready and waiting for your program, and manifest heart-centered abundance.

  • Discover keys to sharing and selling your signature style program as an online course, group program, or private intensive through sales pages, emails, and more. 


Signature Support

5: Service

  • Get clear on how to create a Signature Sales Funnel that attracts your ideal clients with a High-Value Opt-in offer and heart-centered service.

  • Create a Manifestation Marketing Flow to promote your online course, including through webinars, Facebook ads, and social media.

  • Be of higher service with a purpose through providing conscious content through blogging and social media to attract your ideal clients.

  • How to support your clients and community with heart-led service to support transformation and overcome any challenges.

  • How you can evaluate your sales, marketing, and offers to update, enhance, and optimize for increased flow.


Signature Sustainability

6: Sustainability

  • Find out how to scale a sustainable growing business through your signature program through the launch and evergreen models.

  • Discover how your signature program can be the foundation for multiple sustainable ongoing income streams.

  • Find out important news that you must know if you want to create a successful affiliate program for your online course or products in 2018 and beyond.

  • Create a plan on how you can add or reformat your signature program into new additional media formats to reach more people with ease.

  • Learn how to make your signature style online course or program into a book, speaking events, retreats, workshops, group coaching programs, private intensives, membership programs, corporate wellness programs, and more.  

BONUS: Jump-Start Your Online Business

Jump-Start Your Online Business Mini-Course for Holistic Entrepreneurs
  • Sign up today and begin with the 4 part Jump-Start Your Online Business Mini-Course now.

  • Get your online business platform primed for success through optimizing your website and SEO.

  • Take action steps to create and grow your email list.

  • Energize your social media channels to warm up your audience to get ready for your online course launch.

  • Learn which social media channels to focus on for your online course business, and best practices for 2018.

  • Get ready to rock the Of Course Academy by starting the Jump-Start Your Online Business Mini-Course now.

  • Discover how to: Jump-Start Your Website, Email List, Social Media, and Course Business.

BONUS: Sacred Prosperity Seminar

Get my 3 part Sacred Prosperity Seminar as a bonus with the Of Course Academy!

Connect with the source of your wealth!

It's time to reprogram old ideas that you are not deserving of being paid fairly, of asking for money for your powerful work, and of feeling that it is somehow better to be living with less than you deserve. 

Thank you for stepping up into your highest prosperity so you can be the most effective changemaker in your life and have all you need to be healthy, thriving and sustainably make a difference in the world today!

This seminar has 3 videos - the first is about the prosperity available to you as a child of the Abundant Universe.

The second details 5 powerful practices for manifesting your prosperity.

The third is a potent energy activation meditation that is key to generating a clear powerful energy field for activating your magnetic qualities of manifestation. 

With the Of Course Strategy you can create your own signature online course business!

WOW! Kara is a POWERHOUSE of resources, insights, and inspiration!
— Annie Botticelli, Astrologer, Business and Self-Development Coach, Organic Beauty Product Creator, and Author,

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How To Teach An Online Course for Holistic Entrepreneurs and Healers

All The Details:

The Of Course Academy is a 6 part online course to learn how to create your own signature online course business.

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Each module includes video lessons and PDF worksheets.

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Your enrollment includes ongoing access to this course and you can take as long as you need to progress through the program, review the content, and work to create your own online course - and the next ones too.

All online course materials including PDF handouts and videos can be downloaded to your computer, tablet, iPad, or mobile phone through our online classroom for personal viewing and use while offline. 

Email Kara for personal support as you plan out your signature program during the course.

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Get instant access to our classroom today, and begin the Jump-Start Your Online Business Mini-Course right away.

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About Kara

Kara Maria Ananda

Kara Maria Ananda supports visionary women to create transformation in the world today through online courses, mentoring, and events.

Kara is a Women’s Healing Arts Mentor, Holistic Business Coach, speaker, writer, and the founder of Maia University. 

She’s the creator of holistic online courses including the Women’s Healing Arts Teacher Training, the Awesome Birth Teacher Training, and the Healing Arts Business Academy.

Kara has over 20 years experience in healing arts education and entrepreneurship, from being a massage therapist, craniosacral practitioner, birth and postpartum doula, women’s health educator, herbalist, and hoop dancing teacher, to creating global online courses serving women in over 50 countries around the world in holistic health, business, and life. 

Kara can often be found hiking in nature, cooking up something magical, reading one of the books in her piles, dancing in circles, and spending time with her husband and three boys having adventures.

Do you have a mission to serve others and uplift the world?

Would you like to grow a transformational global business as a holistic entrepreneur?

Are you a wellness practitioner who would like to create more impact with greater flexibility?

You can create your own signature online course and make a bigger difference in the world today!

Of Course Academy: You Can Create a Signature Online Course

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I can assure you this woman knows her stuff! You will be amazed at her knowledge, but more so her skill of transmitting this knowledge. The best teachers are only as good as their ability to share the information they know. Kara does this with ease and honed skill..

I love Kara’s mission, her passion, and her commitment to helping other women become wellness leaders in the field of women’s health.
— Rebecca Sarich, CNM, Yale-Trained Certified Nurse Midwife and Women's Holistic Health Provider,
Kara gives all that she’s got to bring teachings forth from ancient wisdom all the way up to modern-day cutting edge up-to-date studies and combines all of her many skills and gifts and puts together nothing short of life-changing miraculous courses to help anyone ready to take the next steps in their life to embody their highest path and Higher Calling. Thank you Kara, From the bottom of my heart!
— Jessica Pacheco, Holistic Health Coach
I am so grateful for having Kara’s years of wisdom and experience as a contribution to building my conscious business and improving the lives of women all around the world.
— Emily Evans Russell, Access Consciousness® Certified Facilitator, Yoga Teacher, and Speaker,

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