How Women's Wellness Entrepreneurs Are Creating Social Change

I am so grateful to be an entrepreneur in holistic wellness.

This has been my path for over 20 years from private practice, teaching, products, and coaching - to now running a global online business.

I've seen holistic wellness go from an alternative hippie thing to mainstream, and it's just growing faster than ever!

Holistic wellness is now a multi-trillion industry globally and is poised to grow over 15% in the next few years.

One of the BIGGEST things happening in this field today is WOMEN'S WELLNESS.

Women are leading the way, yet there is still SO MUCH NEEDED in empowering women's wellness today. In many ways, women's health issues are at a crisis point, and education, resources, and support to truly change people's lives are needed.

Now is the BEST time to be involved in women's wellness.

I love seeing all the transformation that is happening due to the incredible growth and innovation spurred on by conscious feminine entrepreneurship. 

Women's wellness is evolving, becoming more inclusive, more diverse, more widespread, and is leading new growth in modalities from fitness, nutrition, cannabis, travel, and so much more.

The global women's wellness movement is supporting global prosperity and empowered holistic wellness for people today, and all the generations to come.

Holistic women's wellness is one of the most powerful forces changing the future of humanity and our planet today.

This is a powerful movement for change that harnesses the power of women for creating systemic changes by supporting natural health, community, transformation, diversity, and sustainability.

When women are healthy, they have greater success in work, education, and life.

Empowering women's health supports an improved sense of well-being, healthy relationships, conscious community development, and enhanced prosperity for all.

The effects of enhanced women's wellness ripples out through the world benefiting not only the woman, but her partner, family, friends, co-workers, and society.

The holistic empowerment of women's health creates effects felt now and through future generations.

Holistic women's wellness also creates healthy relationships and care for our environment and planet through natural healing methods and an emphasis on ecological awareness. 

Women make 80% of the health care decisions for their families. Holistic wellness is being led by female consumers and entrepreneurs, who are creating conscious businesses to support social change through empowered women's wellness, natural health, and transformational prosperity.

Women make 80% of the health care decisions for their families.

Thus the growing movement of holistic health options for women creates increased availability and awareness of natural wellness choices for families as well. 

In the United States alone, women spend over $45 billion on alternative medicine each year and over $125 billion on healthy eating and nutrition. 

A booming desire for natural choices for health and wellness is creating new opportunities in business through products and services that are not only for the body but impacting decisions in travel, home, family, fashion, beauty, and lifestyle.

Women are leading the $3.7 trillion global wellness industry as both consumers and professionals.

Women wellness entrepreneurs are thriving in the global wellness field creating new services and products across the spectrum from new wellness technology apps, to holistic fitness, healthy food, wellness education, personalized support programs, self-care products, and experiential workshops and retreats.