Women’s Health is Not About Bubble Butts or Bikini Bodies

Women's Health is Not About Bubble Butts and Bikini Bodies

Women’s health is a fascinating subject with many different approaches.

Unfortunately, it’s also a field that is rampant with body shaming, false claims, money-hungry vampires, one-sided views, and much deception.

If you look at mainstream women’s health articles in magazines and websites online, or at your grocery store checkout aisle, you’ll find that the main focus seems to be on external appearances rather than inner health of the body, mind, and spirit.

Recently, I did a search for women’s health on the Internet and the first articles I saw had titles such as “Look Great Naked!”, “Get Bigger Breasts!”, “Bubble Butt Workout”, “Bikini Body Now!”, and “How to Have Silky Smooth Armpits”. This kind of women’s health focuses on preying upon women’s insecurities and equates beauty with health.

I don’t know about you, but I really don’t think that having smooth armpits boosts my real health in anyway. Nor do I want to envision women blowing bubbles out of their butts while working out. Can’t we just get rid of this whole butt obsession please? Celebrities are getting bigger and bigger butt implants every year, and those magnum opuses are not just from doing daily squats.

How you look naked, how big your breasts are, and how round your butt is has nothing to do with feeling good and being healthy.

However, much of the beauty we see flaunted today from Hollywood, advertising, fashion, and the media is achieved by models and celebrities who depend upon cosmetic surgery, luxury spa services, and expensive medical skincare regimes. Also, a cadre of personal trainers, chefs, makeup artists, and stylists PLUS professional photographers, videographers, editing software, and studios to edit the final project.

Recently, I was watching a TV movie with an actress who I appreciate in the starring role. One of the reasons I watch her movies is that I am inspired by how she is a successful actress who also has a deep wrinkle in her forehead. One in the same place as the light wrinkle I can see forming in my own forehead. I was confused when watching the new movie she was in to see that the production studio had edited her skin appearance so that her characteristic wrinkle were invisible.

I was sad to miss the impact of seeing that wrinkle crinkle when she had an emotional reaction to her co-stars lines. Facial expression conveys so much, and wrinkles tell a story. Plus, it makes me feel as if my own natural creases, earned through experience, time, and the stress of overcoming challenges in my own life, is something that should just be blurred away for others to not have to see.

It’s amazing how advanced the video editing technology is today, so that it’s not just magazine and advertising photography that gives us false images of women, but also that while walking and talking in a movie, they are able to completely change people’s appearances.

The artificial ideal of women’s bodies and beauties is being programmed into our culture by the media, and the technology is so good that young women often have no idea that what they are seeing is totally fake.

I saw an advertisement for workout leggings recently that had hundreds of likes on it, and comments with people expressing how hot the model was, when to my trained eye, I could tell it was totally fake. The body proportions were so off-ratio that either the photo editor was delirious - or that women had gone through intensive plastic surgery and was likely suffering from incredible digestive issues and organ damage as a result.

The truth is that much of the beauty we see in the media is promoted with lies.

I have over 20 years of experience in massage therapy, bodywork, and women’s wellness, and have a lot of training in evaluating posture and body mechanics, and I can tell you that an extremely high percentage of celebrities are modifying their bodies through intensive surgery, injections, and expensive medical treatments.

I’ve seen a LOT of women’s bodies in my line of work, and real women are much more diverse and authentically beautiful than what Hollywood shows us.

Women Are Beautiful in All Shapes and Sizes

The natural health movement is just as full of corruption and false claims as the Hollywood agenda.

While I am a HUGE fan of natural and holistic health methods that are time-tested and scientifically proven to be beneficial for preventing illness and complementing medical treatment, I am also disturbed by the woo-woo direction that many in the natural women’s health field are moving increasingly toward.

I’ve been focused on learning and teaching about holistic women’s wellness for over 20 years. Over this time, I have been fascinated with the amazing traditions of women healers around the world and the ever-increasing research confirming the value of lifestyle practices from food, herbs, massage, fitness, and other evidence-based natural practices that midwives and herbalists have utilized for thousands of year.

However, as I have seen the women’s natural health movement becoming more and more intertwined with unfounded teachings derived from channelled beings, spiritual hallucinations, abusive tantra teachers, and promoted with sexualized images and celebrity endorsements, it’s become harder and harder to teach discernment to women.

For example, stretching, exercise, and functional movement practices are amazing for whole health. However, the young bikini models doing yoga poses on Instagram are frequently showing off the circus tricks of contortionists, not asanas. And it’s truly asinine to promote such postures as “healthy” when I can tell you that I had many clients over the years of my massage and bodywork practice who severely injured themselves and caused long-term damage to their necks, spines, and joints from pushing themselves into attempting to achieve extreme acts of flexibility that are not natural.

Yoni eggs are the newest craze. While pelvic floor health, strength and flexibility is an important thing for women’s health. This whole stick-a-crystal-in-your-vagina trend is going too far.

A friend of my husband recently shared how he encountered an older hippie woman at a yard sale in Sedona who was selling a basket of “slightly-used yoni eggs”. When he asked what those were, she reached under her skirt and then dangled a yoni egg hanging on a string from her finger at him and proceeded to detail how revitalized her vagina was due to this “ancient” healing practice. Needless to say, he dropped the “slightly-used” yoni eggs from his hand, realizing with shock where they had been, and backed away politely declining. Please, if you use yoni eggs, don’t whip them out of your vagina in public or try to sell them second-hand.

While there may be some benefits for some people to the practice of exercising with an egg-shaped crystal in your vagina, they are hyped-up as spiritual tools, and there are also dangers that are not always being clearly shared, such as the potential for Toxic Shock Syndrome, the possibility of it getting stuck, and a psychological dependency upon constant Yoni Egg use.

Even the top teachers of yoni egg practices admit that the concerns of gynecologists are valid regarding these tools, but yet proclaim that they have personally experienced no problems after all-day use of yoni eggs, every day, for decades. Think about that - this is not a practice that people are teaching as a solution - it creates an ongoing dependency, creating the feeling in their students that they need to continue to depend upon the assistance of this psuedospiritual object forever to maintain vaginal health.

For pelvic floor health, I instead recommend looking into the functional movement teachings of how squatting and posture make a bigger and more sustainable difference, which is more effective than crystals or Kegels.

I really love natural health and there are many holistic women’s wellness practices that can be integrated into our everyday lives to create positive changes in our body, mind, and spirit - yet I urge people to have caution in following the next hot fad sold with sexy-spiritual lingo and models.

Eating your veggies every day and getting enough sleep make not sound sexy or make people rich, but it’s one of the best things you can do to naturally support your wellbeing - and there is abundant research to prove the value of this grandmotherly wisdom.

The modern medical model focuses upon diagnostic tests focused upon pathology and then prescribes pharmaceuticals and surgery mainly for illness and disease.

While this is a blessing to have advanced medical science available for necessary cases, it tends to avoid addressing the cause of disease or comprehensive methods for preventing illness.

There is definitely a time and place for medical tests and intervention, however, there is a great need for more integrative health care today that encompasses prevention as well as treatment.

When I, or one of my family members, have faced a medical crisis, you can be assured that we have sought out appropriate medical care and are extremely grateful for such professionals and their services.

Yet, I look forward to the day when modern medicine fully integrates and also shares natural healing methods that are time-tested and scientifically proven to reduce the potential of illness and disease, through methods such as nutrition, exercise, stress-relief, and much much more.

Women especially experience the highest rates of surgery in the US, particularly for reproductive issues, and often have a variety of symptoms and concerns dismissed by medical doctors as being “in their head”.

There is a great need for more compassionate and preventative care in the medical industry to serve women better.

It’s time for the women’s health movement to emphasize evidence-based proven methods, and practice discernment against false teachings, to create real change for all women.

Otherwise we are creating a further separation of natural and allopathic care, rather than moving toward integrative medicine that will serve us all in the best way.

Integrative health care is the future and doctors and hospitals are undeniably the leaders in health today, where the vast majority of people go to seek support.

I long for the day when all hospitals, clinics, and doctor’s offices have accessible resources and staff to teach and support wellness lifestyle practices to their clients.

In order to create a healthy future, it is essential for the holistic wellness movement to focus upon scientifically-tested methods of natural self-care - at an affordable cost for all.

While I am blunt about my concerns in all of these different approaches to women’s wellness, I also have seen great works coming from each of these various industries, and am simply pointing out that a critical evaluation of all approaches to women’s health is necessary.

You can find me watching movies, reading magazines, making herbal teas, drinking smoothies, walking in nature, dancing around my house, and studying intriguing lifestyle medicine research. It’s absolutely possible to disceern and integrate the best of all these worlds.

Yet, it’s also important to address the challenges in each these arenas so vulnerable women do not get misguided, and so we can focus then upon solutions that will truly empower women’s health holistically.

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Many blessings,


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