Why I Am Leaving Facebook

Get Free of Facebook

I am moving away from using Facebook as a social platform for a multitude of reasons.

Privacy Issues

One reason being the privacy policy, which is violating to our privacy on so many levels, and allows tracking of our computers, phones, wifi signals, location, facial tracking, and web use off of Facebook.

Beyond the huge allowances Facebook states in their privacy policy, they also have a history of violating that privacy policy and sharing way too much information at times with their business partners and political organizations.

I highly recommend going into your privacy settings and taking a look around, turn off facial recognition, make your friend's list private, make your older posts private, make all children's photos private (and/or don’t post photos with your children’s faces online), and disable the ability for people to follow your personal account who are not friends.

Instead, if you feel the need, create a business page for followers - and better yet, a website of your own and newsletter list. Plus, check to see what apps and websites have access to your Facebook data.

Psychological Addiction

In addition, I've been researching the psychological addiction of Facebook. I've personally found myself spending too much time scrolling through the news feed at times, and finding myself having emotional reactions to people's posts.

When I'm drinking my morning coffee, and checking my Facebook messages, it can really throw off my energy and mood for the day to see someone's angry and emotional political post in my newsfeed. This is like getting junk mail in the mailbox that I don't want to see, and the emotional reactions drains my energy and affects my focus and mood.

Personal Wellness

Over the past two months I have been dramatically minimizing my use and connections on this platform and it's had a HUGE benefit for my personal health. For one, I have way less draw to even open Facebook up, if I scroll it's for just a minute or two and I'm bored and do something else. For another, my adrenals are much happier not getting riled up by people's emotional posts. And I feel much more energy available in my life to focus on creative pursuits, work, writing, and my priority of spending more quality time with my family.

I am leaving Facebook because it feels SO GOOD. The more I release attachments to that platform the more FREEDOM I feel in my life. It’s amazing how attached I had felt, and how much more lightness I feel now.

In the meantime, I am working on using my personal profile as little as possible, and am only really feeling the need to keep it active right now to be able to manage my business page.

Business Pages

I may delete my personal profile and business page entirely soon because I'm not sure if my business page there is even valuable anymore to me.

I spent years building up my business page and used to have great engagement. The bigger it got the less Facebook showed my posts to my followers. Then I kept it because of the value of Facebook ads. However, I no longer use Facebook ads, because they are way less effective as they used to be, and I won't anymore, because I no longer want to support this platform financially due to their political investments and investors.

Facebook Groups

One other note: Facebook groups are a trap. I don't recommend hosting them anymore for business purposes either.

In order to close my Facebook groups, I discovered that there is no way to delete an entire group, just archive it, which still allows people in the group to access the list of all the other people in the group and for those connections and data to be tracked by Facebook.

The only way to delete a group is to manually remove each person in the group individually until there is no one else in the group but you (the admin) and then to remove yourself and delete the group. Which is so time intensive and I'm still working on. If you have hundreds or thousands of people in a group you've created or want to create, it makes it incredibly draining and a time-waste to end that group.

I've been in the process of closing all my Facebook groups that I created over the years for courses, etc, and it's been so time intensive. I had no idea it would be this hard to remove them permanently.

It's been eye-opening to realize how hard it was to figure out how to delete the groups I started, and go through the process of removing people one by one.

My wrist and elbow got numb just from all the repetitive micro-movements of deleting my groups, and I had to take a couple days off from the process, it's such a pain - literally!

There Are Other Options

We need a new platform with better privacy and administration options for sure! If you run a business - do it on your own platform or another platform with better control and privacy!

For social networking for business, I have found Facebook used to be the best, years ago, but it sucks now.

Other platforms are WAY more effective at reaching people and bringing people to my website, and I am focusing on my website, blog, newsletter, and other platforms.

Facebook does not want people to leave their site and go to your website. Does it really make sense then to encourage people your clients and customers to go to Facebook where they will get sucked into the addiction and distress of the newsfeed?

Creating Freedom from Social Media Addiction

Personal Connection

My favorite way to connect with people is one on one. Being "friends" on Facebook is not a sign of friendship, but connecting personally is. I care about you even if we are not Facebook "friends". I'd love to stay in touch but not on Facebook, Messenger, or social media.

If anyone wants to connect with me the best way is to email. If you don't have my email address, you can message me directly through my website’s contact form here and the messages go to me personally.

And if you want to know what I'm sharing ongoing, subscribe to my email newsletter to get updates on my current courses, projects, passions, blog posts, and articles. I love emails and am always happy to connect personally.

Facebook is NOT healthy for our society or our personal lives.

I used to find more value from this platform and encouraged people to use it in their businesses, but things have changed, and it does not function the way it used to.

Perhaps that may change again someday, but until then, you will not see me there so much anymore, and I'd prefer to connect with you directly.

Get To Know Your Privacy Settings

And yes, I know that Google, Twitter, and all those other megatech sites have major privacy issues and ethical issues too. I've also gone into my Google Safety Center site (did you know that's a thing?) and deleted all my past info (tracking of locations of where I've been for YEARS, everything I had watched on YouTube, etc) and changed my settings.

I recommend spending time reading the privacy and data policies on these sites we use and learning how to monitor and change your privacy settings.

Some of the things they do are shocking, but some are worse than others - and Facebook is the worst, in my opinion, because every person who connects with your personal account is a link that allows your data to then be potentially shared with 3rd parties or bot followers that may have been allowed to access their account.

There are so many loopholes in their privacy policy, be aware!

Freedom From Facebook

I am enjoying my growing freedom from Facebook and look forward to being able to completely pull the plug soon.

Just to know, if you are feeling the desire to leave Facebook too, they make it hard, you have to look up how to actually delete your account to remove all personal information from their servers, otherwise they will just offer you the ability to deactivate, which does not remove your full data.

Most of all, I want to encourage you to do your own research, and to get to know your privacy settings! It’s important in this digital age - do you really want random people to be able to access photos of you that you posted on Facebook 12 years ago before we knew what this monster would turn into?

It is possible to minimize Facebook use, protect your privacy, and even leave the platform. And the more I move in this direction, the better I feel!

Wellness is my passion, and social media can be a real threat to that.

However, connecting with friends and family personally and directly is a great way to boost those positive feelings. So reach out to the ones you care about. One personal message every few months to someone you care about can actually be more valuable than 100 likes on Facebook posts.

Let’s create a new social practice of personally reaching out to each other just to say we care.

Find me here at WellnessBlessing.com and sign up for my newsletter to keep in touch!

Many blessings,