Get Your Wellness Adventure Passport

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Are you ready to flip the whole paradigm of wellness upside down and have fun getting healthier?

Feeling good should not feel like a chore. It’s time to turn your wellness goals into an exciting adventure!

Creating optimal health is about forming simple lifestyle habits that support wellness, and doing them over and over again until it becomes natural. 

Whenever you go on a journey, it helps to have a map so you know where you’re going and where you’ve been.

One of the easiest ways to start taking action steps toward a healthier, more vibrant, happier you is to plan out where you want to go, make a list of the small steps you need to make to get there, and then take action one at a time. 

Check Your Dopamine Levels

Every time you check off a small task from your list it creates a rush of dopamine in your brain, which is an important neurotransmitter that enhances feelings of happiness, satisfaction, joy, and accomplishment. 

The pleasure of checking things off a list is actually scientifically proven to support the achievement of goals, and to help you stay on track and feel better every step of the way! 

This is why I highly recommend having to-do lists or action sheets with small micro-tasks. Meaning that you want to list all the different action steps to reach your goal, and check off each one as you go. For example, you will get more and more dopamine rushes from checking off each step of the way to a goal, rather than waiting to reach one big goal and getting to just check it off once. 

Also, the act of physical paper lists and action sheets makes it possible to physically check off steps, creating a more powerful response, than just clicking on a digital screen. Plus, making it a fun adventure passport rather than a boring to-do list makes it into a game to challenge yourself to try new things! 

For this reason, I've created 5 fun printables for you in this FREE Wellness Adventure Passport to help you make your lists for both daily and weekly goals, plus MORE! 

5 Printable Activity Pages

The Wellness Adventure Passport:

This is a fun activity sheet that you can take as long as you want to accomplish. Full of fun ideas to get you to explore the world of wellness in new ways. See how long it takes you to check off all the activities on your passport! 

The Wellness Itinerary:

Before going on an adventure, it's good to have an idea of what you need, where you are going, and what you are going to do. Use this activity sheet to plan out ideas and inspiration for your long-term wellness goals, what you want to get to support your journey, and as an idea bank for when you need some reminders of how to stay on track.

Daily Goal Planner:

Every day is a new adventure! Use this activity page to track all the small steps to reach your daily goals and get that dopamine boost each step of the way to energize your wellness!

Meal Tracker:

When you are out in nature, it's great to have a journal to keep track of what you see and notice. This wellness activity page is for taking notes on what you've eaten each day. SO much easier than creating meal plans (more power to you if you are a meal planner, I would love to be, but I'm more spontaneous so meal tracking is more my style). Just take a quick note of what you eat each day, and you can look back over this tracker to get a bird's-eye view of what delicious nutrition you've received to feel good about how wonderful you are taking care of your body, and also to see what types of food you might be needing more of. It's simple, easy, and helps to get a better perspective of where you've been and where you want to go on your wellness journey.

Weekly Wellness Planner:

Make a list of your weekly wellness goals and check them off each day as you achieve them. Whether it's taking your vitamins, drinking a green drink, going for a walk, dancing around your living room, or playing with your kids - write it all down and boost your happy hormones by checking it off every day! Change up your goals each week and keep it fun and fresh as you go to new places with your health! 

Do one or do them all!

You can print as many of these printable activity pages as you desire, and use them over and over again.

I recommend sticking them on your fridge or somewhere where you will see them every day, and have fun!

Let them inspire you to declare your wellness goals, take action on simple steps to creating better health, and to track how you are progressing on your personal journey of wellness. 

Get the Wellness Adventure Passport

Get The Wellness Adventure Passport:

5 FREE Printable Activity Pages to Inspire Your Path to Health!