The Wise Man & The Lost Boy: A Parable of Healing

The Wise Man & The Lost Boy: A Parable of Healing

Once upon a time a wise healer and teacher went for a walk up the mountain to gather herbs, tools, and sacred items for ceremonies.

He dressed in warm rugged clothing appropriate for the season and terrain.

On his walk, he would tune in to the messages of the rocks, trees, clouds, animals, and birds.

He would gather feathers on his path, find gifts from the forest for healing tools, and get to know the spirit of the forest.

One day the wise man encountered a young boy who dreamed of being a healer and teacher someday.

In his search for a teacher, the boy was told by his grandmother to go to the mountain, and there he would find a great healer. He went to the mountain in search of his teacher.

The wise man said hello but the young boy ignored him and walked away seeing his old clothing. He thought he was just an old man from the village and not the healer he was looking for.

Every day this happened, the wise man said hello, and the young boy would walk away, looking for his great teacher.

One day, people from faraway lands came to the wise man and asked for healing. He looked at the moon, the stars, and the sun, and said the time is right.

He dressed in his finest robes, gathered his healing tools, magic staff, and sacred instruments and led the travelers into the woods on the path he knew well.

He performed the ceremony in the sacred place the mountain had shown to him, and the healing occurred.

As the wise man and the happy healed travelers walked back down the mountain, the young boy saw the wise man dressed in his finest garb with hands full of sacred tools.

For the first time, he came up and spoke to the wise man. He rejoiced that he had finally found the healer and teacher he had been looking for.

“But why did you not wear your ceremonial clothing before so I could recognize you?” asked the young boy. “I did not know you were so wise when you were wearing the clothing of regular people.”

The wise man looked at him and responded. “Why did you look at my clothing and not in my eyes? I have always been who I am. My clothing does not give me healing powers, my heart does.”