15 Top Social Media Tips for Holistic Entrepreneurs

15 Top Social Media Tips for Holistic Entrepreneurs

Are you a holistic entrepreneur or cultural creative ready to make a bigger difference in the world and reach more people?

Do you want to help share information, uplift people and bring healing, transformation, peace and prosperity to the world today? 

Humanity is in a pickle, we got lots of work to do to clean up this planet and bring balance to the people of the world. 

However, we now have an incredible advantage with the internet, smart phones and online networking to reach out, connect, and learn from each other.

Are you ready to stand up and be a new conscious leader today, to share your inspirational message with the world, and create a happy life and thriving business with the freedom to live your dreams? 

Now is the time! We have an unprecedented opportunity with the rise of social media, which is particularly well-suited for the creative brain. The Social Media Age is ready for YOU to become social media savvy so you can make a difference in the world today. 

Social media is not going anywhere. In fact, it’s just going to become more important, and since it changes all the time, you have to pay attention and be invested in your social media presence and community if you want to succeed in business, leadership, and communication. 

Conscious content creators are now uniquely poised to create a global shift as connected thought leaders.

15 Top Social Media Tips: 

  • Be the publisher. Don't just share other people's posts. Publish original content on your blog and share the links on social media.

  • Post pictures and videos. Visually based social media networks, such as Pinterest and Instagram, are among the fastest growing platforms today. Facebook and Twitter now show more results and interactions from picture and video posts as well.

  • Be creative. To engage more people on social media use visually creative and interesting posts, photos, and images.

  • Connect. Create personal connection - don’t just be a business or a brand - be a person, share your story, post pictures of yourself, tell about what makes you unique and why you do what you do.

  • Interact. The people on social media networks are real people who want to form relationships - connect with your community! When people comment, respond personally, engage, and be personable.

  • Inspire. The way to build up your social media networks is to provide inspiration, information, entertainment, and engagement.

  • Be unique. People want to see interesting and unique things! The more you can be original the better. Don’t copy other people, that’s not authentic and it’s boring. Let your own style free! Do the unexpected.

  • Bond. All you need is love. Relationships and connections are based on love. Share what you love, connect with love in your heart, and have love and appreciation for the people who engage with you on social media.

  • Vision. Stay focused on your long term goals and continued growth, not daily numbers and statistics. Have persistence, patience and belief.

  • Consistency. Be consistent and post regularly. It takes time to build up an engaged following, and it’s worth it!

  • Be a giver. Give, give, give and share. Don’t always be selling and marketing. Post lots of free content in your blog, emails and social media.

  • Expand your circles. Comment on other people’s stuff. It’s through participating on social media that you build relationships. Get off your own social media pages and go give, interact, and connect on other people's posts, groups and blogs.

  • Do unto others. Want people to like your stuff more? Be likeable. Go and like other peoples pages and posts.

  • Plant seeds. Share information and free tips. Everyone love free samples! Show off your wisdom and skills so potential clients know what you have to offer.

  • Enjoy! Have fun! People love to laugh and be entertained. Share funny stories or pictures. Don't take yourself so seriously. It's just social media after all. :)

You can create change in the world and grow your own conscious business by being a force of positive upliftment, education and transformation through social media today. 

Connect, inspire and thrive!

Many blessings, Kara